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Stories are an integral part of the human experience.  They don’t have to be true, but there is something that about seeing “based on a true story” that grabs our attention.  Fiction is entertaining and can be instructive, but a true story we can really connect with.  A true story takes place in our universe – a place where we know the rules.

Finding truth has become increasingly difficult, a problem that became well-known during the 2016 election season.  My goal with this blog (and in life) is to tell interesting stories that are based in fact, based on data.  While no science is infallible, I feel that a story based on numbers is as close to “based on a true story” as we can get.

I mainly use R for data processing and analysis, but I’m slowly learning Python.  These will be my tools for telling stories.  If you have a burning question or find some interesting data, I’d be happy to dig into it.  As this blog progresses I hope to improve my data science skills and hopefully get better at writing blog posts.

– Kiefer